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The \?my computer is slow\? resentment is experienced by many and it\?s a widespread issue that needs to be addressed. Stuff to revive computer agility should be given due attention.

Foremost that should be given close scrutiny is the PC registry. Because it is loaded with database all about the PC assembly, the Operating System must keep an eye on the diverse configurations of the various installed hardware. If they don\?t match, then there is a problem. Windows has unique requirements that use unique machine configurations.

As pointed out, the problem may lie in the PC registry. The glitches may be seen early on but they tend to become more complex as time progresses. A scan and repair of the registry can be found from the internet to promptly halt the inert responses observed. The scan and repair tool is a freeware. Generally, more powerful tools, the ones that have to be bought, can only submit the errors found; but the total scan is the first step to help decide whether to make the purchase or not.

Installed applications deplete the computer memory. Thinking twice then before downloading or installing applications is best precaution. Some of them are just ornaments that bear no real value. It may well be a good tip to resolve the \?my computer is slow\?complaint.

Some installed programs may have to go if not used. They can easily be removed through your \?Add or Remove\? feature from the Control Panel. When automatic start up is enabled in certain programs, they run together with the system in reboot. The startup programs use memory and CPU time. Consider the following on how to disable the automatic startup.

Startup programs can be deleted by pressing the Start task bar, then All Programs and look for Startup in the rolled up list. Just Right-click it then press Delete. Another way of doing this is again to click the Start then Run, and type \?msconfig\?. Wait until a window comes out, and then choose Startup from the indexes. The checked items are programs that run alongside the system upon rebooting. Click the Disable button then Apply, but if unsure if you\?re disabling the right item, it is better to leave it as is.

There are on-line disk defragmenters that effectively optimize the file system. Find the best freeware software that can do the job. They accelerate the computer by compressing files together. Some not only raise the PC performance but also repair computer errors.

Heat and dust factors affect the computer\?s performance. Fans are built-in in computer encasements. They keep the machine cool down from long hours of use. The computer case can easily be opened; the dust can be wiped-off through the use of a simple paint brush.

To sum it up, excellent technology that diagnoses and put the computer on stable status is the best solution to the \?my computer is slow\? problem. They can be had for free from the internet. They contour the computer registry minus the high priced hardware upgrades.

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