Friday, July 13, 2012

SI: Offseason Breakdown - Washington Redskins

I dunno Lanky, Stallworth had a couple nice moments last year. Beck was less than worthless, though.

As for the end, I am still not sure why everyone is so enamoured of the Girls and Eagles this year. So THIS is the year it finally clicks for the Cowboys? Why this year? And everyone seems to think it is a foregone conclusion that the Eagles will turn it around and be better this year, that they needed a year to gel or something. Yes, because as we Skins fans have seen, having a dream team in football just needs time. Sure. Maybe they just aren't going work well together?

Anyway, I don't fear the Giants either, frankly. They got hot at the right time, but don't seem capable of putting together a dominant season under Coughlin. Besides which, the last time they won the SB, the next year was average at best.

So why not us? With some improvement here and there, I don't see any reason we can't challenge for the playoffs, and possibly even the division. That's right, I said it. I mean, we all saw Re-ck play last year, right? If RG3 can figure out which color jersey to throw to consistently, we're talking major improvement from last year.

Why not us?


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