Thursday, May 31, 2012

SEID Magic Handshake music review by Rivertree

3 stars This is a long awaited rebirth I would say. SEID - the Cosmic Pirate Rockers, located in Trondheim/Norway, are back after six years of absence ... at least when it comes to new studio output. A magic handshake for their fans. So here we have just about 60 minutes of fresh explorations - released on Black Widow Records this time, manufactured for compact disc as well as double vinyl. First of all to notice ... except new drummer Viktor Martin the line up has remained in force basically. They don't build up extended song constructions, boundless jam attitude is not their thing. Therefore you won't find any track crossing the ten minute line - but on the other hand one can follow them sailing the cosmos in compliance with safety procedures - which means variety is the name of the game on this occasion.

Thus some tracks bear unexpected turns and they are covering the complete space rock spectrum here featuring diverse guitar style variations. In place of the heavier parts the album starts reminiscent of Hawkwind, compact, provided with straightforward garage rock appeal. The following Decode The Glow is more kinda groovy and mellow though. Diverse keyboard stuff comes to the fore time after time. Let me point out the restless Tr?n where one can detect the melancholic mellotron, preferably used by nordic bands. And later typical synths also provide some Ozric Tentacles feeling. Moreover I want to remark the lively drumming - Viktor Martin perfectly fits.

The powerful Fire It Up! stands for the band's dynamic as no other, ?ly?k Kok Friebib by way of change showcases a long weird outro dominated by somewhat quirky/spooky synths. Later they are keen on praying the Space Rock Dogma including a nicely floating electric piano and mellotron duet. SEID save a really magnifique song until last - I mean the title track. The arrangement reflects the album's essence. It starts with powerful straight rock featuring sing along qualitities - will move the crowd during their gigs for sure - and then turns to a groovier behaviour which even shows some improv appeal. Something for everyone who's familiar with the space rock genre. Supported by a bunch of friends on vocals and wind instruments SEID offer an interesting new album in 2012 - 3.5 stars.

Rivertree | 3/5 |

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