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Some people go crazy over old cars but who would kill over a Stutz Bearcat?? Was the antique car the motive for murder or was it something darker, more sinister??? Alonso Belen rides out on the case with old buddy Deputy Bob Pavlik.? An o

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Why do dealers will offer whole sale ? auction value for a trade in?
I tried to trade in my 2005 RX 8 with 15 000 miles on it and they offered me whole sale/auction sale although the car is in a great condition. What can I do to contradict their argument ?we can get this at an auction? but the transaction is a trade-in. Please help !

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Answer by Rob B
Sell it privately.

You won?t be able to convince the dealer to pay more than the amount they can buy a similar car for at an auction ? they are not in the business of paying out extra money for no reason.

A private buyer will be willing to pay closer to the retail value of the car, so you?ll get a better amount for your car, and at the same time they?re paying less for it than they would have to pay at a dealer.

asked by: Bebe

Can you get a 2000 mercedes s430 or s500 at a dealer auction for 7-8k?
Provided that a dealer is willing and able to purchase the car for you at an auction and sell it to you that that price.

Of course, prices vary because it is an ?auction? meaning ?highest bidder wins? but generally speaking??
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Answer by xx_satanic_mechanic_xx
According to the latest market report from Manheim Auto Auctions (one of the largest in the country):

2000 MBZ S430 ? Low $ 6390, Avg $ 8203, High $ 10,106
2000 MBZ S500 ? Low $ 6006, Avg $ 8748, High $ 11,490

Avg miles 107,310

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Tips for Buying a Car at Car Auctions

Article by Melanie Cath

Summary: Used car auctions remain one of the most popular ways of buying a new car. But remember that you cannot take it for a test drive and there is mostly no warranty. In spite of this there are many bargains to be found.

There are many places where you can buy a used car from; a private seller, a used car dealer or at a car auction. And there are several different car auction places; government auctions, eBay Motor auctions and other auction sites.

When buying a used car at an auction there are several things you need to be aware of to ensure that you get what you need at a price you can afford. Firstly you need to work out exactly what you do need. It is easy to get carried away when you go to an auction and see the huge variety of cars available. Having a checklist of requirements will ensure that you actually buy the type of car you set out to buy.

So before you go list all the things you want in your car. You may want a station wagon or a Ute if you intend to carry a lot of equipment around. If you want to tow a van or boat, you?ll need a car capable of towing that load. Or you may want a small run-about to use as a second car. Whatever you want, you also want it to be in good condition with low mileage on the clock if possible.

You don?t want to pay a larger price than necessary for your car, but at a car auction you may get carried away by the excitement of bidding. If you are like this, then take someone with you who has a cool head ? and whom you will listen to when they tell you?ve reached your set limit.Mel writes about car auctions among other automotive related topics.

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