Monday, June 25, 2012

Cancer survivor allowed topless swimming at public pools

Unlike other women, 47-year-old Jodi Jaecks can now swim topless in Seattle?s public pools, thanks to a narrow exception granted by the Seattle Parks & Recreation.

Jaecks, a woman who survived a double mastectomy, was at first denied consent earlier this year to swim topless by personnel at Seattle's Medgar Evers pool.

But, Jaecks argued that she doctors had removed both of her breasts last year to treat cancer, and that wearing a bathing suit covering her chest caused her intense pain.

After winning approval to swim topless in public swimming pools, Jaecks said she would not opt for reconstructive surgery to have breasts.

Speaking on the topic, she said, "I don't see a need to fake having breasts. My ultimate goal is to change policy at beaches and pools, to increase people's awareness of cancer and the realities of the human condition.?

She also revealed that she detected the disease in a self breast examination. She said when she detected a lump in her right breast; she was felt like it was cancer. A diagnosis confirmed the disease.

Jaecks finished chemotherapy in November last year and is now completely cancer-free.

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