Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eureka Sneak Peek Videos

The final season of the Syfy hit show Eureka begins tomorrow night. Although I am sad it is the last season, I am super excited for the show?s return tomorrow night and after you watch these fabulous sneak peek videos you will be too. It has been quite the ride in Eureka but soon it will all come to an end. Along with sharing a glimpse at what fans can expect in the upcoming final season, I have a very special treat for those who have loved the show from the beginning. Come on a journey with and me a take a look back at the time spent in Eureka. The cast and crew from the hit show take a look back on the past four seasons. Find out not only what the show means to all of them but well a few surprises you might not have known before. Ok now that we have taken a stroll down memory lane lets take a look at what lies ahead. Without further adieu I give to you a sneak peek of the final season of the quirky, unusual and oh so awesome show Eureka. I have to say I got goose [...]

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