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Business marketing has been revolutionized over the past couple of years, and the Internet certainly has its role in this phenomenon. Marketing mixes of companies have traditionally included direct mail, website, electronic mail, and telephone marketing promotions. They have broadened to include the ever popular social networking sites. It is a worthy exercise to provide a detailed review of all of these marketing variables and the trends surrounding them.

Mail pieces, whether they be postcards, catalogs, or the like, have long been a part of companies? marketing plans. Designed direct mail pieces are valuable for their tangible nature and shelf life. Furthermore, it is invigorating to receive mail in an age where electronic communications are so prevalent, especially if the mail piece contains personalization. Nonetheless, direct mail is very costly to send out. There are many elements that add to this cost, including print, creative, postage, copywriting, mailing, and list expenses. Each of these expenses has risen as of late.

An additional critical component of business marketing mixes is a company?s website. Sites need to be created in such a way that it is easy for visitors to navigate around them. In addition to this, html code used to build the sites needs to be written so as to optimize word searches. Keyword optimization increases websites? rankings on search result listings that come up after people type keywords into one of the major search engines today. It is essential for businesses of every shape and size to have a good website as a part of their marketing activities.

Email pieces are another critical category of a firm?s marketing methods. Unlike direct mail, email marketing is a typically cheap and quick process. Emails get the word out automatically at very little cost. They do need to have subject lines and material that make them unique, as so many business emails are sent out already. Furthermore, businesses need to be circumspect where subject lines are concerned, ensuring that no symbols or words appear in the lines that can make the emails end up in peoples? spam folders. Spam and the overuse of email promotions today are two negatives associated with email promotions.

Telemarketing promotions can also be used to promote businesses. This involves a company?s hiring salespeople to call other businesses or individuals in the quest to sell the organization?s products or services. These salespeople either work off of hot lead lists containing past customers or they make cold calls to brand new prospects. They typically have to fulfill a certain quota of sales each month, or they could possibly be terminated. A sales team in many cases is responsible for a sizable portion of a company?s profits. Where telemarketing is concerned, a company has to think about hiring a top sales director who will motivate his or her staff to the fullest.

Faxes are also contained within companies? marketing mixes though to a smaller extent than they were years ago. It tends to be much easier to find direct mail or email opt-in lists than it is to get those of faxes. Many people are concerned about fax jams, especially if the cause of the jam is a promotional piece. Additionally, stricter fax laws as of late have limited what can be done with fax promotions.

On top of all the marketing elements discussed thus far, social networking sites have of late made their debut as effective promotional tools for organizations. Companies of all sizes can set up a presence on one of the sites. Their pages can include company and product information, along with a hyperlink to the business?s website and pictures of its products. Companies can invite friends to join their pages initially, something especially done where small businesses are concerned. The company?s page on a social networking site can also be marketed through other promotional pieces as well.

Business marketing has experienced rapid changes as of late due to Internet-based promotions and social network sites. Mail, website, email, telesales promotions, and more recently social networking sites all have their places in different firms? marketing mixes.

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