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cell phone jammer can stop the mobile communication ...

The full responsibility for production safety, and further improve the safety management, safety management to make truly ?horizontal-to-edge? ? vertical in the end, ?to ensure the smooth construction of rail transit projects carried out effectively protect state property and people?s lives and property. cell phone jammer can stop the mobile communication in the specific range.? is in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, by mutual agreement the two parties signed the agreement, the agreement reads as follows: First, this project B parties must strictly follow the ?Shanghai construction site safety assurance system? (DGJ08-903-2003) standard and the Ministry of Construction ?construction safety inspection standards? (JGJ59-99) for security management; development of targeted safety management measures to implement security, civil construction and site management of funds, do the accounting, to ensure that construction does not occur in all kinds of security responsibility is not implemented because of the accident caused the event.The cell phone communication within the range of 3-16m radius can be prevented for the use of cell phone jammer .? Second, the Party before the start of construction B submitted for planning permission to the construction site, while the B for safety production and civilized construction, labor protection and environmental protection aspects of the written tests, requires B and the municipal government to implement national laws and regulations issued by competent authorities, standard norms, regulations, etc.; Party B must strictly enforce the development (including process) various types of documentation requirements, and timely receipt, into safety management accounting. Third, in accordance with ?the general contractor on the construction site safety negative total responsibility ?principle, the construction area of responsibility and management responsibility for safety by the Party responsible for Party B must be required to establish and improve safety assurance system, the implementation of the safety responsibility system at all levels, and improve the safety system (including the reward system and technical tests, targeted security system) and operating procedures, so that layers of signing, the implementation of security responsibilities, the relevant documents for the Party for the record. It is the portable cigarette case cell phone jammer . Fourth, the Party should supervise and guide B to carry out all types of safety production, and timely communication and deploy superior spirit and the relevant safety requirements, the organization of the Party perform regular safety production and civilized construction, labor protection and environmental protection, inspect, and assessment of serious illegal conduct of informed criticism, plot by serious ?security breach of duty? for economic processing. 5, B according to the ?safe self-examination, hidden from the change at your own risk? principle area of responsibility to strengthen the construction of the daily security check in time to stop and deal with all kinds of illegal behavior, according to security risks found ?three? principles of timely implementation of corrective measures, a serious security risk to the suspension of work, eliminate hidden dangers. 46 Shanghai Metro Line 13 Phase I, World Expo site-specific PSD traffic tie-line project equipment supply and services Tender No.: 10248306 VI B and Party A Party must take the initiative to accept the agency staff work in security management professional guidance, subject to management; of the Party?s work arrangement to actively implement the organization?s activities to actively participate.? 3g?cell phone?jammer is in the form of cigarette case.
VII B must be configured on-site management staff committed to the tender, on-site project manager, construction site safety for the first responsible person such as a particular case or force majeure do need to mobilize on-site management (change), and must ? Shanghai Metro construction supervision unit, construction unit management staff mobility (change) management approach ?Shanghai Metro [2006] No. 139 according to the procedure reported, for approval before exchange.


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